The Adventures of Swiss Skeli & Friends

Join me in the Adventures of Swiss Skeli & Friends.

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Acompáñame en las aventuras de Swiss Skeli y sus amigos. / Begleite mich bei den Abenteuern von Swiss Skeli & Friends.

The Life of a Calavera

Swiss Skeli boasts of being born as a small “Calavera” in Tzintzuntzan on the Day of the Dead in Michoacán, Mexico. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly when. Some speculate in the Victorian Age. He is a real gentleman.

At some point, he lands across the sea in the town of Bern, Switzerland. As a result, he is being called Swiss Skeli. Nevertheless, he shall not forget his Mexican roots. Whenever he can, he celebrates the Dias de los Muertos. In other words: EVERY DAY.

With this in mind, Swiss Skeli decided to hire a Fleshy to chronicle his life and adventures. Meet Aunty Agate Godflower as she comes to visit. See the Boney Inlaws at dinner. Join Skeli as he parachutes in Ascona or goes sailing alongside his sailor brother Gaultier. There is no telling what he will be up to next..