Paris Skelis

About the Paris Skelis

Swiss Skeli’s relatives – the Paris Skelis – are very airy and all live in Père Lachaise Cemetery. They take to bustling in and out of the tombs, or through the streets. The Marais is their favorite neighborhood, they love the smells of fresh bagels and lox. They offered Swiss Skeli and La Catrina an aerial view, since they know Swiss Skeli loves to parachute. Here is a photograph of Swiss Skeli’s Cousin Fairy Cousin L. Pasteur flying, in a panoramic view of Paris, looking toward the Ile de la Cité from the Louvre. Date between 1858 and 1860 -construction of the Pont au Change. (Vintage salt print photograph by Édouard Baldus, painted Skeli with antique butterfly wings).

Paris Skeli

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